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CSA Z462 Training

Certified Csa Z462 Training Arc Flash/electrical Safety Training By Qualified Experts

Our CSA Z462 Training course provides many benefits of an instructor lead course including: electrical safety examples, discussion, demonstrations and hands on training. This provides much more benefit than watching a video. There is no room for error when working with electrical equipment so why compromise on safety education?

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Note: Employers have the legislated obligation to identify hazards, evaluate the risks, select and implement the appropriate controls. This course helps companies to understand their legal requirements and what due diligence is required to avoid conviction under provincial or federal OHS legislation, or the Criminal Code of Canada.

There are 600 to 800 electrical accidents in Canada every year - not to mention related deaths. To help reduce that number, the Canadian Standards Association has for the last 10 years developed a standard that deals with electrical safety and ties into the Canadian Electrical Code.

The CSA Z462 standard, otherwise known as the Workplace Electrical Safety Standard, applies to contractors and electrical workers, and provides guidance to employers on what qualifications are required for electrical work – and cautions against allowing non-qualified people inside hazard boundaries.

It’s based on well-established occupational health and safety principles, and recognized across the country as good practice, from manufacturers to contractors to regulators. CSA Z462 deals specifically with hazard communications, controls and safety precautions in the areas of electric shock and arc flash, and includes requirements for training and qualification of electrical workers, as well as personal protective equipment.

Standards, such as CSA Z462, serve as best practices for the workplace. Though the CSA doesn’t enforce standards, if an incident does occur, the employer could be charged, in which case due diligence must be proven. And due diligence means referencing best practices such as CSA Z462.

CSA Z462 explains how to do a risk assessment and establish boundaries around high-risk areas. Non-electrical workers should be kept outside of those boundaries, while electrical workers should follow specific procedures when inside them.

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We can present this Course to your electrical engineering and maintenance staff, on your premises, tailored to your specific equipment and requirements. We are ready to help design this program for you. Click on the link below to request a FREE quotation.