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Arc Flash Training

Arc Flash and Shock Training - Personal instruction - Our certified Arc Flash Training is designed to help you work safely. More than 30 years experience. More than 50,000 Electricity Forum students.

Arc Flash And Shock Electrical Safety Training

We offer convenient on-site arc flash and shock training that can be customized to your exact specifications, accommodate various topics, adapt to your work schedule, shape our content to your learning style and your staff's skill level. When it comes to implementing an effective arc flash safety training at your facility, quality, in-person electrical safety training is crucial to workplace electrical safety.

Our training provides the many benefits of an instructor-lead arc flash training, including: electrical safety examples, class discussion, physical demonstrations of PPE and hands-on training. This provides a much more conducive learning environment than taking an online course or watching a video. There is no room for error when working with electrical equipment so why compromise on electrical safety education?

Qualified Instructors - Certified Training

Since 1986, we have trained more than 25,000 front-line electrical workers on Low Voltage Arc Flash and Shock training. This makes us Canada's leading provider of Arc Flash and Shock Training.

If your front-line electrical workers are working with or in proximity to high votage systems, our electrical safety experts can teach them the proper standards and safe work practices.

Our Arc Flash Analysis/Study training will teach you the latest Canadian safety standards and codes and teach you how to examine the proper methods for calculating arc flash hazards.

Earn CEU Credits And Printable Certificates

The Electricity Forum Training Institute has been approved as an authorized continuing education Provider by the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE). In obtaining this approval, The Electricity Forum has demonstrated that it complies with the IACEE Standards which are widely recognized as standards of good practice. As a result of this, we are able to offer CEU credits for our electrical training courses. Successful completion of our electrical training courses qualifies delegates to receive a certificate of course completion with indicated CEUs.

We Take Your Education Seriously

The Electricity Forum Training Institute is committed to providing high-quality education. We are not in the arc flash training business to sell something else, like FR clothing, arc flash studies, electrical protective relays or circuit breakers.
Our exclusive business is your education. That is why we have been a trusted partner in employee education for more than 30 years. Our expert instructors are certified electrical workers, with extensive work experience and training experience who can answer questions and solve problems. We believe that when it comes to investing in arc flash training, you expect the best information and expertise. That is why we do not offer online or video training. We believe those platforms are an inferior form of training to live, person-to-person training where you get to stop our instructors and ask questions, present problems and get real-time answers.

Benefits Of On-site Arc Flash Training

Our electrical on-site arc flash training courses are tailored to meet your company's specific requirements and conducted on your own premises for your employees. Save the cost of travel and hotels and save on our regular public enrollment registration fees. Plus, our instructors can work with you in advance to determine the level of arc flash training and experience of your employees and the specific applications that you would like covered.

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Group Training Available
Online. Live. Customized

We can present this Course to your electrical engineering and maintenance staff, on your premises, tailored to your specific equipment and requirements. We are ready to help design this program for you. Click on the link below to request a FREE quotation.